Dell PowerEdge Desktop Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 3000 different desktop PCs. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your computer model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

Dell Desktop Memory


Oryginalne Numery Części

PowerEdge FC630 PowerEdge M420 PowerEdge M630 PowerEdge M830 PowerEdge R210 II PowerEdge R220 PowerEdge R230 PowerEdge R310 PowerEdge R320 PowerEdge R330 PowerEdge R410 PowerEdge R415 PowerEdge R420 PowerEdge R430 PowerEdge R510 PowerEdge R520 PowerEdge R530 PowerEdge R610 PowerEdge R620 PowerEdge R630 PowerEdge R710 PowerEdge R720 PowerEdge R730 PowerEdge R730xd PowerEdge R830 PowerEdge R930 PowerEdge T20 PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server PowerEdge T30 PowerEdge T110 II PowerEdge T130 PowerEdge T310 PowerEdge T320 PowerEdge T330 PowerEdge T410 PowerEdge T420 PowerEdge T430 PowerEdge T610 PowerEdge T620 PowerEdge T630
0YN6P 116V2 20D6F 30WGV 311-7374 370-12710 370-12712 370-12713 370-13417 370-13462 370-13512 370-13516 370-13530 370-13532 370-13565 370-14188 370-14189 370-14510 370-15664 370-15665 370-16611 370-21854 370-21961 370-22579 370-ABEP 370-ACLU 370-ACNU 370-ADOR 3JMP8 5XKWW 7H8J8 8H68R 9J5WF A1461099 A1488930 A1488932 A2129723 A2149881 A2626060 A2627947 A2627993 A3002265 A3140082 A3382817 A4051419 A4114482 A4114483 A4838286 A4838319 A4838343 A5542975 A5681905 A5709145 A5834994 A5835238 A5835241 A5835244 A5835245 A5893043 A5938494 A6236346 A6236350 A6236424 A6950118 A6951103 A6960121 A6993060 A6993648 A6993730 A6993732 A6994442 A6994446 A6994447 A6994451 A6994453 A6994455 A6994465 A6994477 A6994479 A6996754 A6996785 A6996786 A6996789 A6996807 A6996808 A6996811 A7022339 A7134886 A7303660 A7398800 A7568815 A7568816 A7990613 A8058238 A8547952 A8547953 A8650534 A8661094 A8711886 A8711888 A8711889 A8733211 A8733212 A9168727 A9206671 A9210946 A9210967 A9321910 A9321911 A9321912 A9755388 A9781927 A9781928 A9781929 AA138422 C1KCN D841D DP143 FDN6D G865R H92NK MGY5T N2M64 RVY55 SNP1N7HKC/2G SNP20D6FC/16G SNP4WYKPC/8G SNP66GKYC/8G SNP6DWFJC/4G SNP888JGC/8G SNP96MCTC/8G SNP9J5WFC/4G SNPC1KCNC/4G SNPD1TMCC/4G SNPD65JJC/4G SNPDG29KC/4G SNPF626DC/2G SNPGDN7XC/2G SNPH132MC/8G SNPH92NKC/2G SNPHGFR8C/2G SNPJDF1MC/16G SNPMGY5TC/16G SNPN2M64C/8G SNPNN876C/4G SNPNWMX1C/4G SNPP223CC/2G SNPP382HC/4G SNPP51RXC/8G SNPP9RN2C/8G SNPR1P74C/4G SNPRKR5JC/8G SNPRYK18C/8G SNPU8622C/1G SNPVT8FPC/4G SNPWM5YYC/4G SNPXG700C/1G SNPY996DC/2G SNPYG410C/2G TJ1DY TP0P4 WK007 X3R5M YXKF8
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